Who We Are

Leap Inspire LLP is established with one key vision : To Empower and To Inspire. Over the last decade, we have discovered many talented artisans in Singapore, but we have also observed that many of the creative people are not equipped to run a business with clear vision or lack of the know-how to develop their art & services profitably.


Leap Inspire LLP is founded by two inspiring entrepreneurs – Hannah Chong and Kim Tay, who embrace the role of educating and imparting the right attributes to aspiring artisans. They are all for empowering and grooming the next generation of creative entrepreneurs towards excellence and success. They strongly believe that an artisan must be passionate about what he does and excels in his art, but most importantly, must be able to perform well in his business. There is really no short cut in entrepreneurship, more so in an artisanal trade.

Hannah Chong, the Visionary of Leap Inspire, has been the force behind one-of-a-kind weddings and celebrations in Singapore. She has single-handedly started up Heaven’s Gift Pte Ltd, a special events company, 11 years ago and has turned the firm into today’s leading wedding design and planning company in Singapore and in the region. Her innate ability to perceive future trends and needs in the industry has allowed her to consistently penetrate new grounds and introduce profitable ideas to further expand the capacity of Heaven’s Gift and her strategic partners. Prior to her starting up Heaven’s Gift, Hannah has brought with her 10 years of corporate experiences in the sales & marketing arena, closing and project managing million-dollar contracts. She was also the former Group Account Director for Raytheon Professional Services, overseeing and developing the South East Asia business units, as well as serving her regional marketing role for Raytheon Asia. Her four years of being a Group Director in Raytheon has honed her astute business development and people skills. Today in the wedding industry, she is not just a special events planner, the players know and see her as “the Visionary and Marketer of her generation”.

Kim Tay, the Business Administrator of Leap Inspire, believes in creating the right foundations and attributes for any aspiring artisan. She understands the needs of an artisan is often the pursuit to excel in his/her dream, and she sees that a systematic administration and structure is needful to empower the artisans further to grow their business. Kim who has been an entrepreneur herself for past 13 years, has demonstrated how she has grown from a home based company into today’s merging strategic alliance with Hannah. Prior to starting on her own, Kim has been actively involved in the event planning business, project managing and executing launches for brands such as Nokia, Pentax, Galderma, including overseeing the media management, logistics planning and execution of Khoo Swee Chiow’s 10-day record breaking Scuba Submergence Challenge. She is well versed in the interactive media platforms and was part of the Singapore team that piloted ground breaking IT projects which were launched on international platforms such as Internet World 2001 and Asia Television Forum 2000. Through her experiences in small and medium start-ups, she wishes to coach and equip the next generation of artisans to be reliable and productive, and to inspire them to know that pursuing a career of their dreams can actually be possible.

Together as a team, Hannah and Kim are coaching artisans and creative entrepreneurs, both senior and new, on how to envision and grow their business. They are also creating platforms and implementing business tools that enable the next generation of artists to be more equipped to start up their trade.

To view more of the spectacular events they both have created,  find out more at www.heavens-gift.com.